Exactly. Another question here is how ready we are to handle honesty ourselves?

My point is that while it takes courage to give honesty to the person we love, it may be even harder to accept it.

First, honesty and frankness makes us vulnerable. It pushes us from our comfort zone. Honest statements may often feel very uncomfortable, especially because not everything we experience in a relationship is beautiful and shiny. That is why so often we prefer to keep our feelings to ourselves, because we are afraid to hurt the person we love.

So should we be really honest about all the things good and bad?

Second, while it’s hard to open up, it’s even harder to deal with the truth; it requires courage, and certain maturity. Sometimes we fall into being defensive. Even more often we confuse being emotional with being emotionally honest.

Well, we may not like hearing everything, but only when we know the truth, we can work on that.


We are the stories we tell to ourselves.

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