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  • Rebecca Geraghty

    Rebecca Geraghty

    Product marketer in the tech sector focused on emerging products reshaping our world and the way we work. Writing about the what, why & how of product marketing

  • Manuel Sirch

    Manuel Sirch

    User Experience / Service design specialist. Merging design, business & tech, https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuel-sirch/

  • Esther Crawford

    Esther Crawford

    Product at Twitter. Life story: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Optimist. Technologist. Wearer of many hats.

  • Gibson Biddle

    Gibson Biddle

    Former VP/CPO at Netflix/Chegg. Now speaker, teacher, & workshop host. Learn more here: www.gibsonbiddle.com or here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibsonbiddle/

  • Julia Lipton

    Julia Lipton

    Passionate about building a happier & healthier world. Investing in the future of wellness and work ✨

  • Rubens Cantuni

    Rubens Cantuni

    Emmy-awarded Design Lead @Metafy. Author of the book http://designappsforkids.com • http://rubens.design

  • Joseph Michael

    Joseph Michael

    VC & accelerator partnerships at Stripe — based in Stockholm. I write about what great founders are building here in the Nordics.

  • MAA1


    Product at Intercom, author of "My Product Management Toolkit" and “Managing Product = Managing Tension” — see https://bit.ly/3gH2dOD.

  • Ksenia Sussman

    Ksenia Sussman

    Innovative and ambitious FinTech lawyer with broad expertise in capital markets, private equity, derivatives, index trading, and reg matters.

  • Aleph Farms

    Aleph Farms

    Aleph Farms paves a new way forward as a pioneer in cellular agriculture, passionately cultivating delicious, real beef steaks from the cells of cows.

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