When you love

Love is silent.

It may come when you least expect it. It may be growing slowly and be hard to realize it is there. It can be hard to give it a definition first. And then it blooms into something as big as the universe.

I can not say I haven’t been in love before. Though never was it that special. Being in love and loving deeply are very different things.

I never thought I could feel that much towards another person. That I can be so so happy when just talking to you. When looking into your eyes. Or seeing your smile. Or watching you sleeping next to me.

That all I would ever need to feel happy is just to hold your hand.

To hold your heart, to hold your hand
Would be to me the greatest thing

Those moments are the most beautiful memories. They are the treasures I will keep through all my life. I wish you could know how much they meant to me.

You helped me realize how big my heart can be. How much I can love someone knowing we could never be together. How much I want to give you without asking anything in return.

My love, tenderness, and care I feel for you are endless.

You helped me to learn to be grateful. To be able to say thank you for those short moments we had, even though they would never be enough for me. I would never have enough of you.

I want to give you all my life, to share every single moment of your life, both good and bad. And not being able to hurt massively. This pain would eventually fade. And I will get better. All I need is to know that you are happy.

But please remember that you would always be very special to me. And that sunset we had once together.

I will be always there if you need me. And I will love you forever. ❤️




We are the stories we tell to ourselves.

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Aleksandra Smelianska

Aleksandra Smelianska

We are the stories we tell to ourselves.

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