Show people how much they matter

Aleksandra Smelianska
2 min readFeb 20, 2019


Sometimes, outside circumstances can cause a loss. Other times, we cause ourselves to lose people that mean the most to us.

Often, we treat people as if they’re always going to be around us all the time because we are convinced that they’re not going anywhere.

We could all get hit by our own ignorance or selfishness. We don’t tell them the things that truly matter. Words that will bring sunshine to their days. Small acts that are going to make their hearts warm. We act like they’re not special to us.

What if tomorrow when we wake up, they’re not with us anymore? What if we have hurt them with our ignorance so painfully that they’ve considered leaving our lives?

Nobody knows what a regret really feels like until it’s too late. Our apologies become irrelevant when the person we want to give it to is no longer around. It’s not enought to win her back.

Someone’s smile can quickly turn into just a memory. Someone’s presence can end up being just a void in our hearts.

Our friends, family and loved ones are those who really add spark to our lives. Our relationships are our bedrock. We need to nurture them with the love and attention they really deserve. Give them the affection that they’re going to remember forever.

We need to show people how much they matter to us. Every single day. Because things can change in the blink of an eye.

One day we become part of their histories; we are only part of their stories.