Photo by Matt Lee on Unsplash

The Myth of a Strong Woman

I recently called an old friend and mentioned something that had hurt my feelings deeply. As I unfolded my heart to her, she was surprised: “You are so strong and confident, I could not expect you may have any problems!”

I was surprised. And realized how the image of ourselves that we create can be far from the reality.

I started thinking of that image of a ‘strong and independent woman’ I created, both for my friends and family.

Who is she? And how far she is from my real self? Oh well, VERY far.

What is the price?

We’ve created this stereotype of women who are warriors and don’t need much of anything. We are the fighters. We can easily handle everything.

In reality, every one of us is more complex than that. We can be both strong and extremely weak.

We are strong because we have to be. But this strength comes with a huge price. And this price comes due to our emotional vulnerability.

Women are very emotional. There is a huge difference I see compared to my male friends. We may pursue the same goals and dreams, but for me it is 10x harder to achieve them because of the emotional component. And the price is more frequent emotional burnouts and breakdowns.

Be honest about your weaknesses

There is a strength though in being honest about our own weaknesses.

We all need help and support, no matter how strong we seem to be. And strong women need it especially, I can tell you, because often we are too ashamed to ask for help.

We are the stories we tell to ourselves.

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