The novel is brilliant. I enjoyed it so much, not paying particular attention to the language. I just dissolved in it, to be honest.

The language of the book is so light, the sentences are so short and precise that you just feel the story, you live it, you imagine it in one second. It is easy, fast-flowing, romantic, little erotic, spacious, and capturing your imagination.

I enjoyed that Catherine’ character dominates a story, how impressive she as a woman character is, and how Hemingway brings her to us (not typical for him).

The dialogs of Catherine and David are very intense. It is the short and vivid descriptions of their settings and intense dialogs made the book so brilliant for me. It leaves space for my imagination, so I can draw and picture everything around the dialogs, their emotions and experiences, as Hemingway did not go into how the characters feel or think.

We are the stories we tell to ourselves.

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